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Site Investigation in Lingang, Shanghai
  • 2015-09-06 17:30

According to “Some Provisions about Strengthening the City’s Management of the Transfer of Industrial Land (trial)” (No. [2014]26) and “Detailed Management Guidance for the Protection of Soil and Groundwater at Industrial Lands in Lingang (draft)”, soil and groundwater investigation needs to be conducted through sampling and analysis by qualified service providers prior to the transfer of industrial lands in order to establish a baseline condition of the soil and shallow groundwater.

Since October 2014, Greenment has been entrusted by developers in the Lingang area to conduct soil and groundwater investigations at multiple sites in Fengxian Industrial Park of Lingang Industrial District, Lingang Heavy Equipment Industrial District, Lingang Comprehensive District and Lingang Nicheng Community.

The main scope of work for the soil and groundwater investigation included site reconnaissance, determination of soil and groundwater sampling locations, collection of soil and groundwater samples, laboratory analysis, and data analysis. Boreholes for soil sampling and installation of groundwater monitoring wells were drilled using hand augers and Geoprobe systems. Samples were sent to laboratories with CMA and CNAS accreditations for chemical analysis. Currently, site investigation is still ongoing in Lingang area.