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EIA for a Fortune 500 Chemical Company

Since 2011, Greenment has worked closely with this Fortune 500 chemical company on its multiple chemical projects in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. Greenment successively compiled EIA reports, in both Chinese and English, for these projects and assisted in obtaining EIA approvals from the Shanghai EPB within 8 months, which significantly shortened the project timeline. Greenment provided professional advice on the rationality and feasibility of the environmental protection facilities, and provided technical consulting services for the detailed design. In addition, Greenment compiled a Non-significant Alteration EIA Report to incorporate an alteration that occurred during detailed design.

EIA for a Hazardous Waste Incineration Project

This is a hazardous waste incineration project. The tail gas is the main pollution source. Greenment compiled the technical proposal and EIA report for the client. Based on a thorough literature research of technical documents and cases studies, Greenment analyzed the feasibility of the project, the advantages of the proposed technology and the reliability of environmental protection measures. The EIA report was completed ahead of the contract deadline, which saved valuable time for the client.

EIA for a Hazardous Waste Landfill Project

This is the second-stage expansion project of a hazardous waste landfill in Shanghai. Based on the characteristics of this project, the feasibility of groundwater pollution prevention measures was analyzed and the First Class impact assessment of the groundwater environment was conducted in the EIA report. In addition, Greenment recommended comprehensive management measures for groundwater pollution prevention and developed a corresponding emergency response plan. The groundwater monitoring system was also improved and recommendations were provided for routine monitoring requirements of the leachate discharge at the bottom of the landfill. This allowed the potential leakage of landfill leachate to be identified in a timely manner. This project is considered to be an innovation in the field of landfill EIA.

EIA for a New Automobile Pressing Part Disassembly Project

This project is a new project for automobile pressing part disassembly, located in Shanghai Lingang Industrial District. Based on the characteristics of the project, the feasibility of wastewater zero discharge was fully analyzed. Detailed analysis was conducted on issues including compliance of exhaust emissions, the disposal of hazardous waste and the environmental risk of gasoline.

EIA for a New Commercial Residential Community Project

This project is an EIA for a newly-constructed commercial and residential community. Based on the project characteristics, Greenment conducted detailed analysis of the effect of the traffic noise on the residential community.

EIA for a Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading Project

This is an EIA for an upgrade project of a municipal sewage treatment plant in Shanghai. The effluent after treatment was required to meet the Class I A limits of the Town Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard (GB18918-2002). A First Class groundwater environmental assessment was conducted, since the site is located in the Quasi Water Source Protection Zone. Engineering analysis, groundwater impact analysis and evaluation of pollution control measures were conducted in detail.

Environmental Social and Health Impact Assessment Project in one Coal Bed Methane Exploit Region

The client intended to exploit coal bed methane (CBM) in northern China. Prior to full operation, drilling of seven evaluation wells were planned in the block and trial operation would be conducted in three of these wells. Two dimensional seismic prospecting will also be conducted in the block. Greenment was commissioned to conduct an Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (EHSIA) for this project.

Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) Consulting Service

Greenment has established long-term strategic cooperation with a large investment corporation to provide professional environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) consulting services for its investment and financing decisions. This corporation is one of the largest alternative asset management corporations in China, with more than 80 billion RMB in its total amount of managed capital. As an important part of the corporation's sustainable development and responsible investment strategy, ESG is considered in the investment analysis and decision-making processes. This is the first time that a domestic investment corporation has cooperated with a third party for professional consulting services in ESG risk control.

Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety Assessment

Greenment provided an emergency preparedness and fire safety assessment for a US corporation on their manufacturing suppliers in China. Through document review, site visit, and personnel interview, Greenment identified the fire risks and hidden dangers for emergency response. In addition, Greenment provided recommendations for improvement of the fire-fighting system design, fire-fighting equipment, emergency management system, and emergency evacuation, which could lower the fire risk and enhance the emergency response capability.

EHS Compliance Audit

Greenment provided EHS compliance audit services to a factory of a well-known international pharmaceutical enterprise. Based on applicable national, local and industrial EHS laws and regulations and the client’s requirements, Greenment conducted a document review and an on-site audit over a period of one week. Our professional and conscientious service won positive recognition from the client’s global EHS director.

Supplier Social Responsibility Audit

Greenment provided a social responsibility audit service to a global leading corporation of electronic product design and manufacturing. The audit focus included manufacturing suppliers in China. Based on applicable national, local and industrial laws and regulations, and the supplier code of conduct developed by the client, Greenment conducted on-site audits through document review, site visit, and personnel interview and provided detailed audit reports for the client.

Environmental, Health and Safety Permitting Service

Greenment provided environmental, health and safety (EHS) permitting services to a well-known European enterprise for its branch factory in Shanghai. The scope of services included the compilation of an EIA report, occupational disease pre-assessment report, Environmental Protection Completion Acceptance (EPCA) application, occupational disease control effect assessment and assistance in obtaining all the approvals. All of the above services were completed within the client’s expected deadline.

Environmental, Health and Safety Regulation Service

Greenment provided EHS regulatory services to a global leading electronics company for its multiple offices and branches in China. The services included compilation of a list of applicable national, local and industrial EHS regulations and preparation of a checklist that is easy to use by non-professionals based on the client's requirements. In addition, the regulation list and the checklist are updated annually for the client.

Environmental Supervision for a Automotive Engine project

Greenment was entrusted by a large automotive corporation to conduct environmental supervision on an engine construction project. During design and construction, Greenment cooperated with the design company, the construction company and the owner, and provided various reasonable environmental recommendations based on the requirements of the EIA and its approval as well as a thorough understanding of the construction project. In addition, Greenment assisted the client to communicate with the EPB and negotiated solutions to resolve issues from the construction process. These effective communications with the EPB helped the client to move forward the project smoothly.

Environmental Supervision for a Soil and Groundwater Remediation Project at a Site Contaminated by Polychlorinated Biphenyles and Petroleum Hydrocarbons

The site is located in Minhang District of Shanghai and included a gas company, a liquefied petroleum gas storage & transportation station and a gas station. The site will be developed into a commercial area. Preliminary investigation, detailed investigation and human health risk assessment indicated that the concentrations of contaminants in soil and groundwater in some parts of the site were higher than acceptable risk levels. Therefore, environmental remediation was needed.

Environmental Supervision for a Soil Remediation Project at a Site Contaminated by Arsenic and Chromium

The site was a former fertilizer plant in Jiading District of Shanghai and will be developed into a commercial and residential area. Preliminary investigation, detailed investigation and human health risk assessment indicated that the concentrations of arsenic and chromium in some parts of the site were higher than the acceptable risk levels. Greenment was entrusted to conduct the environmental supervision for the remediation project. The team included one chief inspector, one environmental supervision engineer and three supervisors.

Environmental Incident Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plan for a Multinational Chemical Company in Shanghai

In January 2015, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued “Management Procedure for Environmental Accident Emergency Response Plan (ERP) of Enterprises and Institutions”. Greenment has a clear grasp of the national emergency management requirements. As one of the first batch of consulting companies providing environmental accident ERP services, Greenment compiled the environmental risk assessment report and emergency environmental accident ERP and organized the expert panel meeting for a multinational chemical company in Shanghai. Eventually, the ERP was filed in time with the regulatory agency.

Site Investigation in Lingang, Shanghai

According to the “Some Provisions about Enhancing the City’s Management for the Transfer of Land for Industrial Usage (trial implementation)” (NO.[2014]26) and “the Detailed Regulations of the Protection and Control of Soil and Groundwater in the Lingang Industrial Site (discussion paper)”, industrial estate needs soil and groundwater investigation by qualified vendors before land transfer. The purpose is to know the environmental baseline of soil and shallow groundwater after sample collection and analysis.

Site Investigation, Risk Assessment and Soil & Groundwater Remediation for a former Metal Processing Factory in Shanghai

Multi-phase extraction combined with in-situ chemical oxidation was used to treat the groundwater contamination. First, multi-phase extraction was conducted to enhance the recovery of light non-aqueous phase fluids (LNAPLs) and groundwater with high concentrations of contaminants. In addition, the concentrations of contaminants in soil and groundwater were further reduced by vacuum extraction of soil gas and groundwater. When the concentrations of contaminants in groundwater could not be further reduced significantly by extraction to the cleanup goal, in-situ chemical oxidation was used to directly inject oxidation agent into the contaminated zone to further treat the dissolved contaminants in groundwater.

Site Investigation, Risk Assessment and Soil & Groundwater Remediation at a Machine Manufacturing Facility in Ningbo City

Greenment evaluated multiple candidate remediation technologies and selected a remedy best suitable for the soil and groundwater contamination at the site. Excavation and ex-situ disposal as hazardous waste or reuse was selected for contaminated soil. Pump and treat was selected for groundwater remediation. Extracted groundwater was treated to acceptable standards before discharge.

Risk Assessment for a Heavy Metal Contaminated Site in Shanghai

A new commercial district will be developed at the site in Shanghai. Environmental investigation and human health risk assessment were required to be conducted at the site by a qualified organization according to national and local regulations. Greenment was entrusted to conduct the preliminary investigation and detailed investigation in August and November 2012, respectively. The investigation results indicated that the concentrations of antimony, trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium, copper, nickel, lead and arsenic in the soil in some areas of the site were higher than screening values. In early 2013, Greenment was entrusted by the owner to conduct a human health risk assessment to determine the contaminants of concern in soil, to systemically evaluate the sensitive receptors and exposure characteristics at the site, to quantitatively estimate the risks to sensitive receptors from exposure to soil contamination at the site, and to develop the risk-based target values for soil remediation.

Groundwater Numerical Modeling for a Hazardous Waste Landfill in Shanghai

The phase II project for a hazardous waste landfill in Shanghai was classified as a Class I construction project, which could potentially cause groundwater contamination. The EIA level for groundwater was Class I. Greenment applied a numerical model to evaluate the potential impact on the groundwater environment.

Groundwater Remediation Scheme Design for a Former Automobile Accessory Factory in Nanjing with Organic Contamination in Groundwater

This site was a former automobile accessory factory in Nanjing. The factory had been relocated in 2013. The site will be redeveloped. Organic contamination in soil and groundwater in some areas of the site was found during the investigation. The main contaminants of concern were chlorinated hydrocarbons and petroleum hydrocarbons with a total contamination area of approximately 5000m2 and the maximum contamination depth of 10 meters. Light non-aqueous phase fluids (LNAPLs) were found in some areas. Greenment was entrusted to develop the groundwater remediation scheme.

Remediation of an Automotive Air-conditioner Manufacturing Plant in Shanghai with Contamination of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Soil and Groundwater

This was a soil and groundwater remediation project at a site in Shanghai with contamination of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The contaminants of concern included vinyl chloride, dichloroethane, trichloroethane (TCA), trichloroethylene (TCE) and dioxane. Contamination was found in seven areas of the site with a total volume of approximately 80,000 m3 of contaminated soil.

LNAPL Recovery at a Pharmaceutical Plant in Shanghai with BTEX Contamination

During the process of ISCO treatment, 49 injection wells were installed and two rounds of injection were conducted. Approximately 10,355 liters of 5% sulfuric acid and 22,565 liters of 8% hydrogen peroxide were injected into the ground within a half month in the first round. An average of 200 liters of sulfuric acid and 400 liter of hydrogen peroxide were injected into each well. In the second round, approximately 15,816 liters of 5% sulfuric acid and 38,850 liters of 8% hydrogen peroxide were injected. The subsequent monitoring results showed that the concentration of toluene in the treatment area was significantly reduced and the desired remediation goal was achieved.